What is need of website

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What is the need of website ?

The question is why a business owner should invest to make a website ?

Will it be benefit ? or wastage of money ?

Every person thinks differently regarding the website.

In today's world every person go for a website. But Why ? . Are they smart or dumb ?

People thank us by boosting their business through website.

Let's talk about the need of website and it's advantages over not having a website.

website designing with sun dynasty
why do need website ?

Few advantages of having a website

  • Image is everything. And in today's world , a company without a website is company without a face
  • Website communicates with customer 24 hours a day , 7 days a week and 365 days a year
  • Expands your reach. People from across the streets and across the border have access to your products ad services through website
  • The sooner you gains a presence on the web , the better. Your competitors know this too.
  • Easy to update customers with website as compared to printed materials.
  • Google your business and let others find you by google like search engines.

Website Designing with Sun Dynasty

  • People praise the existence of website in their business while some don't.
  • People who don't praise are reason of bad service from website providers.
  • We have encountered many people and every one has is own view.
  • Our Clients always praise the benefits of website and they are very thankful to our service too.

Few disadvantages of having a website

  • Website will give you extra clients and you don't want extra load.
  • You don't want your business to be featured on google and other search engines
  • Don't want to expand your reach beyond limit.
  • Want to give information at your office only.
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